Monday, August 19, 2013

1st week

Well, I'm finally here in the field. I'm in the Sandy East Zone. It's soo different than the MTC! I love this Gospel and want to share it with others, but we're having a hard time finding people to teach. It's been a LONG but SLOW week. I'm hoping things will pick up this week. Heavenly Father will provide a way.
My new companion is Sister Wheldon. (I don't have a picture of us yet) She's from Texas, she's 21 and has only been here 8 weeks! oka! she's new too! lol! We WALK everywhere so my feet are really blistered, but are healing.
The Members of the ward (I cover 4 out of the 9 wards in the stake) are really nice. Dinner is always at a Member's house and food it good. It's been really HOT! Not used to the heat yet, but it's okay.
Well I have to go, but here are some pictures from the training center.

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