Monday, October 7, 2013

Week 8

Family and Friends,

 I hope you were able to watch General Conference! It was great! We watched both days of Conference at Members' home. All of the messages were so inspirational. I can't pick just one speaker, they all have wonderful messages. If you can have time, go to to read them! Henry B Eyring and Dieter F. Uchtdorf were two of my favorites. oh! there was a hour long special about the PCC, Hawai'i Temple and BYU-Hawai'i! It was on in between the two Sunday sessions, it was called Voyage of Faith! It was really nice! I was so excited to see La'ie and people I knew!

The temple on Tuesday was great too! It was so peaceful and refreshing to attend the temple. Here's a picture of Sister Monarrez and I at the doors.

Sister Monarrez and I doing well. Getting along great! she's really fun! We're always looking for more opportunities to teach, but the work is slowly progressing. Our investigators are still on date for their baptisms. yay! 

Funny story. We knocked on a door and no one was home so as we were walking out of the drive way we saw the older lady pulling in. She didn't give us eye contact, but we thought we'd wait for her to get out of her car so we could talk to her. She pulled into her garage and proceeded to shut to door on us! obviously she didn't want to talk to us, but in the process of closing the garage door it hit the back of her car! haha! It was pretty funny.

It's starting to get REALLY cold! The leaves are changing colors which is really pretty! oh yeah, remember how I said we might get a car? yeah no car. The zone leaders in another zone are getting it. So we're still walking in the cold but I'm learning how to dress warmly.

Enjoy the pictures this week! Until next week. Love you all!

Sister Olszowka

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