Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Week 11

Hi Family and Friends,

What a crazy week. Remember I said Sister Dazey and I would become a trio with Sister Crandell? Well we were a trio for only three days! Sister Lopez came in on Saturday and she's a visa waiter for Brazil and is companions with Sister Crandell. Sister Lopez is from Oregon! We did pack our bags and moved over to Sister Crandell's apartment which is a lot more spacious than our little place. We were fortunate to use the car this past week. Sister Crandell is a crazy driver. There's certain rules in order to drive the car, you have to be the designated driver which I'm not so I seriously pray every time before I get into the car with her. ahh!

Transfers are coming up on Nov. 6. I'm pretty sure that I'll be staying in my area and will be training a new missionary! We'll see what happens, but I'm ready to train if need be.

We have a baptism this coming Saturday, our 88 year old. We're excited for him and he came to church yesterday as well. President Chambers (the mission president) and his wife are planning to attend.

Our other investigator whose baptism was scheduled for Nov. 9 dropped us. It was really strange. We had a lesson with him on Saturday and it went REALLY well. The Spirit was really strong and he understood and agreed with what we were teaching. Then he texted us later that night and said thanks for our time, but he doesn't want to meet with us anymore and doesn't want to be baptized. We called him up to discuss his concerns. He doesn't agree with some of the things written in the Book of Mormon. So please keep him in your prayers. We're going to try again this week to meet with him.

Other than that, I'm good family! Thanks mom for the new shoes! I like them a lot! Also the surprise Halloween package was awesome!

Everyday is a new day, make the most of it. Tomorrow isn't granted. Remember and give thanks to our Savior Jesus Christ. Rely on Him. Pray for strength and guidance. The Gospel brings so much happiness into my life. I've been truly blessed.

I've included some photos of the beautiful fall colors.

Look at these twins! Pieper and Penny! They are sooo cute! I love this little family. Their parents are always so willing to give us rides and let us come into their home when it cold outside. We appreciate them.

Sister Olszowka

p.s. this cat that I'm hold cost $1,000 dollars!!! crazy!! The owner is artist, Glenda Gleaves, checkout her stuff.

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