Monday, October 14, 2013

Week 9

Hi Family and Friends!

Guess what? I have a new companion!! I know only 3 weeks into the transfer. Transfers are normally 6 weeks. A visa waiter (we have other missionaries that come to the SLC-South mission and work in our mission while they wait for their visa to go their assigned country) received her visa to Spain so Sister Monarrez was needed back in the Spanish assignment so she packed all her things, she had a TON of clothes and we were at the mission office at 7am this morning! Sister Dazey is my new companion. We entered into the mission field at the same time so I know her from the MTC. She's 24 and is from North Carolina.

Both our investigators made it church which was great! They really enjoyed fast and testimony meeting. Our 10 year old investigator has been praying really hard. He's been asking Heavenly Father for strength and courage to talk to his dad about being baptized. We followed up with him and he talked with his dad and he dad said yes! Brothers and sisters, this is just another testimony of prayer! Heavenly Father hears and answers us.  Heavenly Father promises us blessings. He need to ask in faith and trust in the Lord.

We also found a NEW investigator! We taught him last night and he's really interested in learning about the church.

We helped a Thai lady clean out her garage the other day and she was funny! She claims an animal scratched the bottom of her front door and now bugs can get into her house. When it actuality it's wear and tear of the home and she's put phone books and a can of paint by the door so the "bugs" don't get in. Oh gosh. She’s a funny elderly lady. We're always looking for service opportunities and we were happy that we could help her.

Here are more pictures of Sister Monarrez and I. I will miss her dearly, but I'm definitely going to Chicago to visit her after the mission!


Sister Olszowka

p.s. these peanut butters are sooo good! just sayin'....

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