Monday, April 7, 2014

Week 34

Man! What a BUSY week!

We had lots of meetings this past week, especially now that I'm a part of the Mission Leadership Council. We had interviews with President Chambers as well and he's such a great leader. I definitely appreciate him and his wife so much!

General Conference was this past weekend. We were able to take our investigator Mitch to the Saturday morning session. We took TRAX to and from downtown. Good thing we took our jackets, because it was sunny in South Jordan but when we got downtown it was somewhat cloudy, windy and overcast.

It was really awesome being in the conference center and seeing the Prophet and Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. All the talks were really great. I really enjoyed Elder Hales talk about obedience. We need to be careful who we follow. Are we following the Savior? or are we following Satan? Think about it. The Savior said, "follow thou me." 2 Nephi 31:10. We read in John 14:15 "if ye love me, keep my commandments." By being obedient is the way I express my love for my Savior. We need to do what is right and let the consequence follow. We cannot pick and choose the commandments  that we will obey and disobey. Obedience brings blessings. I invite all of you to reflect upon your life and make changes to follow the example of our Savior.

Also as we were leaving the Conference Center, I ran into a old friend from Olympia, Melissa. She recently moved to Utah and is a teacher too.

Hmm. what else? Lately, after nightly planning, I've helped Sister Jensen with her puzzle. I usually don't have the patience for these kind of things, but I actually somewhat enjoy puzzles. Mom, I know you LOVE puzzles! The final product is shown below. Cute yeah?

Have a great week!

Sister Olszowka

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