Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Week 41

Hi Family and Friends,

Nothing really new to report. We went on two exchanges this week. I went with Sister Gough (She's from Texas) to her area and then Sister Willam (she's from Papa New Guinea) came to my area. It's really a great opportunity to serve the Sisters.

We had a special training for all the Sisters in the mission this past Tuesday. Sister Swain and I were asked to train. We trained the Sisters on how to make a negative door approach a positive experience. It was good. I referenced Matthew 28:19-20 and also Matthew 28:10 where Christ says "be not afraid" and that He is with us always.

Last p-day, we went on a hike. My camera is acting up, so it somehow deleted my photos. The two photos below are from Sister Swain's camera. It was a really short hike to a waterfall. It was only us so it was nice.

During my scripture studies, this verse found in 2 Nephi 9:39, stuck out to me today. "...remember, to be carnally minded is death, and to be spiritual minded is life eternal." So true. How often to we get caught up in materialistic things and become selfish, prideful and think we "deserve" something. I'm not perfect, I'm guilt of this too. However, because of Christ and His Atonement we can repent, be forgiven and start again. Here's a little advice from President Hickley's Father given to him as a young missionary, "forgot yourself and go to work." Let us all do this. Forget ourselves and serve others. Love others. Forgive them.

Love you family, be safe and continue to work on becoming more spiritually minded.

Sister Olszowka

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