Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Week 42

Happy JUNE!!

It's definitely getting HOT! For Memorial Day we went on a hike! We went with the Dillon family, they're awesome! We hiked in Little Cottonwood Canyon. It was still pretty snowy so we didn't make it all the way up, but we saw some rushing waters and felt the warm summer sun. I even put on sunblock! It was super weird. I was telling myself, "I haven't worn sunblock in 10 months!" haha!

Transfers are happening on Tuesday. I'll most likely stay here in South Jordan but you never know; it's all in the Lord's hands and where we're needed.

We have a baptism coming up in July. An 11 year old boy told his step dad he wanted to be baptized so we taught him on Saturday evening and now he has a set date in July. Miracles are happening in the stake.

Hmm. Did I mention we have a new car? Yeah! A 2014 Toyota Corolla! I'll send a pic next week. It's pretty nice. Once cars reach a certain amount of miles they're switched out. Mahalo for all the faithful tithe payers, we appreciate the wonderful blessing to use a car to help us get around quickly.

Congratulations to Danica and Chase Johnson on their baby boy! Welcome to the world Baby Tell! :)

Time is up, I love you all!

Sister Olszowka

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