Monday, September 9, 2013

Week 4

Hi Family and Friends!

Lately it's been hot and humid! We've also had some crazy evening with rain, lightning and thunder. I'm scared of lightning! I don't like it. weh! In regards to missionary work nothing new to report. I met this one lady from Kahalu'u/Kaneohe area! We chatted a bit about Hawai'i which was really nice, but she wasn't interested in a Family Night. oh well. She said we could stop by whenever we needed water or a bathroom break. This past Tuesday and Wednesday were really busy with meeting with less-active members and investigators, but then Thursday, Friday and Saturday were really slow. It's really hard to knock on doors in the evening, now that it's getting darker earlier. So we're trying to set up appointments for the evening so we're not walking around in the dark. We have dinner with Members every evening and I've had peach cobbler 4 times within the last week! Yes, peaches are in season! One elderly man said we could pick as many as we want. Grapes are coming in soon!

Love you all. Have a good week!

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