Monday, September 2, 2013

Week 3

Another week has gone by in Sandy! Wow. Last Tuesday I went on an exchange with another Sister in a different area, Riverton. It was a great experience to see a different area and to work with another missionary. She had a car so we drove around to our appointments which was a nice break for my feet. We taught two lessons and then met with a few less active Members. We had dinner with a Tongan family and they're related to the Vea Family. Small world yeah? All Polynesians are related somehow. haha.

We're working hard with less-active members in our area. The Lord has truly provided us with tender mercies this week. Three less-active Members came to church which was GREAT!! They really enjoyed church and felt the Spirit and said they're going to come more often. Our investigator is slowly progressing. He's gone through a few sets of missionaries and the previous Sisters have been working with him too, but he won't commit to baptism. He's 88 years old! Really cute old man. haha! Reminds me of Grandpa Olszowka. oh! and we might have found a potential investigator, we're going to stop by again to see if we can set up an appointment this week. It's really hard to work only with four wards. At times I feel like we've exhausted the area because it's so small so we try to set up active member family home evenings too. Last night was another tender mercy of the Lord. We showed a DVD about missionary work to a family (both parents are return missionaries) and how invited them to think of ways we can invite others to build their faith in Christ and WOW! The wife was so touched by the Spirit she jumped up and took us down the road to a non-member neighbors and we have an appointment with her next Sunday.

My feet have definitely built callouses. One member even bought me new shoes! She's so sweet! They're crocs! haha. black flats. They are comfy but since my feet sweat soooo much no matter what kind of shoe I wear they'll always rub against my heel.

The Members have been so generous in giving us fruits and veggies from their yard! Yes, everyone here in Utah has a GARDEN! Not gonna lie, I kind of want to have one too! haha!

Okay, until next week! Love you!

Dead snake we found

New shoes from a member!

Everywhere Signs!

Sister Baleivuna from Fiji; we came out the same day and she serves in our Stake too.

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