Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Week 5

Hi Family!

This week as gone by fast! My companion and I have  been grateful for the evening appointments we've had! Since it's getting darker earlier it's really hard and uncomfortable to knock on someone's door at 8:45pm! All the lessons were with Member families which was good teaching practice. I've made visual aides to use in our lessons, it's really helpful. We had a lesson about tithing with a less-active family with four young kids. They been less-active for a while, the previous missionaries have worked with the family and now we're working with them and getting them back to church. We used pretend money with the tithing lesson and the kids had a lot of fun! It was cute. The mom is so sweet. She gave us flowers and a card (see picture below) expressing her love and appreciation that we've never given up on them and for always visiting and teaching her and the kids. It was the nicest thing! This experience was strengthened my testimony that persistence and encouragement is needed.

oh! The the 1st Counselor of the Mission Presidency came to one of our lessons on Tuesday night with a less-active member, it went GREAT! Sister Woods is so excited and willing to read the Book of Mormon. She hasn't been to church in 30 years, but she's finally ready to come back. She's awesome and we love her so much! Our 88 year old investigator is slowly coming along, we're still encouraging him to pray and come to church. Getting him to church is hard, he's stubborn. Also this week we've come across many elderly people who are really lonely, mostly because their loved one has passed away. They just want someone to talk to and we've taken sometime to stop and chat. Ensuring them that they will be able to see their loved one again. Really nice people.

Stake Conference went well. We sang as a quartet! Two sopranos and two altos and we sang a verse in Fijian. We had many compliments and we've been asked to sing again this Thursday for one of the youth activities.

I should be getting my bike today! YAY!! I'm excited to ride it! and it's starting to get COLD in the evenings! oh gosh, I'm really nervous for the winter. Transfers are also coming up next week so we'll see what happens. I think I might be training, but would be exciting.

Our area is tough since it's really small, but we're working hard to strengthen the ward and build relationships with them. We are grateful for the nightly dinner. I've heard most missionaries aren't fed every night, but here were are! Very fortunate to work with these members.

Also we had a flash flood warning this past week too. crazy! We had to tract (find new investigators) in the RAIN! Thankfully we had umbrellas (see photo) and made the most of it. I wore my Crocs so my feet stayed really dry. hehe.

Well family, I love you so much. I think and pray for you often. I'm so BLESSED with amazing parents. I love you. Until next week. Keep reading and studying your scriptures, pray often and go to church. Heavenly Father will bless us if we continue to choose the right.

Sister Olszowka

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