Thursday, December 19, 2013

Week 18

Aloha from freezing Sandy!

Sister Allan and I had a little bit of a tough week, but we remain optimistic! Our two baptisms that were schedule for this month fell through. Sad times. They feel they're not ready and they don't want to commit. I've learned everyone has their time and we can't push them. Heavenly Father has blessed us with agency and we are free to accept or reject the message of gospel of Jesus Christ. Maybe we're here to just to "plant the seed" but I know the Lord has His hand in all things. So please keep them in your prayers.

Sister Allan's trial mission is done today. We're taking her to the mission office at 3:30pm where she'll open her new call letter with her family. I think she'll be going somewhere back east or Michigan! She doesn't like the cold either so I joke about her going to Michigan. LOL! We think alike and both are dedicated to missionary work; I'll miss her, but know she'll do good where ever she's called.

So with that said, I believe I'll just be paired with the other sisters in the district until Wednesday. No one really told us otherwise. I don't know. I learned you just need to be flexible. Transfers are this week! I'll most likely be staying here in Sandy and will be training a brand new Sister missionary.

This past Friday we attended a ward Christmas party. We helped with the set-up and mingled with a lot of less-actives. The party had a really good program centered on our Savior which was a nice way to end the night.

This was our week to walk. I didn't have good pair of gloves and I tried to find some last P-day, but was unsuccessful. I said a little prayer and when we got home there was a bag with gloves, feet warmers and saran wrap! A sweet, sweet Sister thought we could use these and dropped them off for us! An answer to my prayers. She even stopped by again during the week when we weren't home and dropped off headbands and heating pads! WOW! We definitely wrote her a thank you note and delivered it with some Hawaiian candies. My feet get sooo cold. Sometimes I wear three pairs of socks! This Sister wrote in a note to wear a pair of socks, then saran wrap your feet and then another pair of socks and this would help keep my feet warm and it has! So yes, I wear saran wrap some days! haha!

Last night we helped Boone (less-active) and Nola decorate their Christmas tree. I gave them two ornaments to put on their tree as well. We visit them about once a week. See photo below.

Next week our P-day is on Tuesday and I'll get to call/skype home on Wednesday. I'm REALLY look forward that!! I miss you CHOKE!


Sister Olszowka

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