Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Week 16

Happy DECEMBER!! :)

Let me tell you something... people here in Utah know how to decorate for the seasons! I've never seen so many lights! Then someone told me, they have to put them on early before the snow comes which makes sense. I walk into homes and people have the cutest holiday things!

It's supposed to get really cold this 7 degrees! oka! Thank goodness we get the car!

Oh! Great news! We have a baptism scheduled for this weekend! Our investigator Angel is getting baptized! Our other investigator, Nola has committed to baptism too, December 25th! Christmas day! We were able to take Angel to Temple Square yesterday for a tour. We weren't able to see all the beautiful Christmas lights, but that's okay, the tour was GREAT! There are pictures below. There's a replica of the temple which is pretty awesome. We went into the Tabernacle which there is over 11,000 pipes; only 1% of them are shown! I honestly I wouldn't mind being a Temple Square Sister. The Sisters that gave us tour, one was from Florida and the other from Sweden.

Thanksgiving was good! Mom and Dad, I packaged the candies and we delivered them. It was a day of giving service and thanks to others. Sister Allan made rolls too. We had a brunch in the afternoon and then dinner at 5pm with a nice family in one of the wards. Most of their kids and grandkids were there too.  We were soo full we left for an hour and made more delivers on foot and came back for pie. haha!

Hmm other things...we're helping at Festival of Trees today. All the money from the event goes to Primary's Children Hospital.

 I also got a hair trim from a Member in the ward last monday too. Nothing too crazy but it definitely need it!

Okay, I gotta go, but love you all!

Have a great week!

P.S. That's a HAWAIIAN book of Mormon!!! cool huh!

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