Monday, June 30, 2014

Week 46

Hi Family,

All is well with me. Thank you for your emails and letters. I always look forward to Mondays. We've had a busy week. We had Mission Leadership Council (MLC) on Wednesday where all the leadership meets and discuss the missionary efforts in the mission. We also receive training from President Chambers. He's such an inspired man and I appreciate the opportunity I have to work with him and all of the other awesome leadership.

We went on exchanges with a set of sisters this past week, Sister Gough and Mobley. Sister Gough came to my area and we contacted a lot of the people that day. None of them interested in learning more about the gospel, but we continue to push forward with faith and hope.

Our Sunday was pretty busy. We taught the youth at a morning side fireside about the Book of Mormon; bore testimony of the Book of Mormon in the 5th Sunday lesson with one of the Bishops and to top it off we taught sharing time in Junior and Senior primary about how priesthood ordinances blesses our families. Man, I've missed working with little kids, it was fun.

Dad, we've had the opportunity to serve. I've become REALLY good at pulling weeds. :) Everyone has a yard here in South Jordan and an indoor dog(s). haha!

Funny story, our landlady got her furnace and air-conditioner replaced and somehow they messed with the water heater. So when we went to take showers Sunday morning the water was FREEZING COLD. Like ice. I tried to shower, but I couldn't, it was WAY too cold. So we called another member, she used to have the missionaries living in her basement and told us come on over! I can see why the Lord didn't send me to some foreign place because He knew I couldn't handle cold showers. I remember when I went to Tahiti back in 2007 and we had to bathe in cold water and I almost cried. haha!

We picked up another new investigator this past week, but he's not interested in becoming a part of the church. He's somewhat meeting with us out of obligation. But the spirit can change us so we continue to pray for him and his wife who was our new investigator last week.

Okay, until next week.

Love you all! Have a Happy 4th of July!

Today marks 11 months! I'll see you in 7 months! :)

Sister Olszowka

p.s. pictures of the car we drive, I got my hair trimmed thanks to Jess and this is a sign that hangs in her home.

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