Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Week 56

Welcome PEACH season!

Yes, we've helped pick tons of peaches this past week. Shucks I should have taken a picture. Sister Jensen has been canning and making jam like no one's business! I've come to realize Utahans really enjoy jams. I have a cupboard full of jam. Not only peach, but strawberry, raspberry, choke cherry, apricot, you name it, I probably got it. I'm not sure what to do with it all. oka.  However, I love all the raw fruits and veggies this time of year.

We received a call out of the blue this past week from someone I talked to on the street a few weeks ago. She said she wanted to meet with us and needed some help. We met with her briefly and she mentioned she was baptized when she was younger, but hasn't been active since. She’s now looking to learn more. Bam! That's what missionaries do! Teach others about our Savior Jesus Christ. We have a lesson set up with her this evening and her children haven't been baptized. I have a testimony of talking to EVERYONE. This woman was walking her dog and I just stopped and starting talking to her, invited her to come to church, told her where it was and left our number. One of the best ways to teach more people is to MEET more people.

My time is short today, but I wanted to leave this clip with you. Watch it.

The Hope of God's Light

Love you all,
Sister Olszowka

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