Monday, September 1, 2014

Week 55

August came and went and now September is here!

With that said, transfers happen! Sister Prenatt was transferred to West Jordan and I stayed in South Jordan with the calling of training a new sister missionary. Yes, I'm training again, wahoo! Sister Cook is 19 years old and is from Iowa. She was raised in the church and both of her parents are return missionaries. She's pretty quiet and shy, but I hope that I can help her bloom into an outgoing BOLD missionary.

The work continues to be slow goin' but things are happening. We prayed and fasted yesterday for our area. This is going to be a good transfer, I have great faith. We knocked on a door and I've met this young man before, really nice, chatted a bit and invited him to meet with the missionaries and he agreed. Since he's 20 years old we had to pass him off to the Elders over the Young Single Adult ward since they're assigned to work with 18-30 yr olds. They have a appointment set up for this coming week.

In my studies I've been studying the importance of baptism. In the Bible, we read in John 3:5,

5 Jesus answered, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man beborn of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.

We cannot enter into the kingdom of God if we are not baptized. We continue to read in the Book of Mormon in 3 Nephi 27:19

19 And no unclean thing can enter into his kingdom; therefore nothing entereth into his rest save it be those who have washed their garments in my blood, because of their faith, and the repentance of all their sins, and their faithfulness unto the end.

So we need to be clean in order to enter into the kingdom of God as well. Think about it. What are we doing that isn't in line with God's will? What is keeping us from living with Heavenly Father? If we're doing things that are unpleasing and are not living the commandments, we need to stop and change. Repent. Rely on the Savior and His Atonement for help and guidance.

I love you all. Have a blessed week,

Sister Olszowka

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