Monday, December 8, 2014

Week 69

Hello! Hello! From Sunny Sandy!

Still no snow. I think Sister Dean and I are thinking of going on a short hike today. We'll see. Nothing too new to report. Our investigator and us are going to Temple Square tonight, Yes! We can go see the lights so we're super excited. She didn't make it to church, she had to work. Bummer.

Remember the investigator that we passed off to the Elders in the other Central Mission? Well he was baptized this past Saturday! Yay!  So I received permission to leave the mission and attend that. It felt really weird to be out of the mission boundaries, but it was really nice to support him.

Ace, thanks for the early Christmas present, I LOVE my new camera. It's great! I've taken more pictures this past week than ever before.

The Christmas Devotional was last night. I really enjoyed it.

Did you all watch He is the Gift?!?! I hope so! Visit... He is the Gift.

I read this awesome talk this morning, A Time for Faith, Not Fear, by Elder Larry W. Gibbons. In fast and testimony meeting yesterday many young singles got up and spoke about how challenging their life is and they've been experiencing many trials, it was somewhat sad. However, I love this quote from President Monson, "Be of good cheer, your future is as bright as your faith." Elder Gibbons shares this scripture and insight,

“Lift up thine eyes” (Isaiah 60:4).

When your difficulties seem overwhelming, look up, not down. When sadness and despair start to get a foothold, remember this: the Atonement of Jesus Christ did more than overcome physical and spiritual death. Yes, we will all be resurrected, and all of us have the opportunity to be forgiven of our sins as we repent and exercise faith in Jesus Christ. But as wonderful as the gifts of resurrection and repentance are, the Atonement is much more. Through the Atonement we can receive strength to meet the most difficult trials of life.

When we look up to the Savior, we can be strengthened beyond our own abilities and beyond what we can envision with our mortal understanding."

I testify that the Atonement of Jesus Christ is real. Brothers and Sisters, have more faith and hope. Press forward and endure. Look unto the Lord for help and guidance.

Love you all!

Sister Olszowka

P.S. Enjoy the photos!

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