Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Week 29


Can you believe it already? There's only 10 months left in the year!

Well my 24th birthday came and went and it was pretty low key. We knocked on doors most of the day, no one was home. Our dinner appointment bought a cake and sang Happy Birthday. The District Leader, Elder Carlyle and Elder Denny called and sang Happy Birthday which was funny! President and Sister Chambers texted me that morning as well with a birthday text.  Mom and dad, I got the goody box will all my favorite snacks. Thanks for the beautiful earrings! I love them! Sister Dean baked the strawberry cake and put real strawberries on it. I can't believe I'm 24! Where have the years gone?! I thank my Heavenly Father for another year of life, the journey continues to get better and better. :)

The work has been slow, but continues to move forward. We had two lessons with investigators this week. Dani who's from a part member family and then one with Patrick. They both committed to baptismal dates in April. They didn't make it to church, but we'll be stopping by this week for another lesson.

Yesterday, I bore my testimony about missionary work and I mentioned Brother Birch's (88 year old who was baptized in November) in my testimony about how that was a miracle and it's never to late to follow our Savior's example and be baptized. Well a woman got up after me and bore her testimony and said that Brother Birch was her uncle! and that she didn't know he was baptized! She's been praying for him and she was so happy to hear the news.

I also met distance relatives in church as well! I've met so many people with connects to Hawai'i, La'ie, and family. These elderly people are related to the Day's...I met David's cousins. I think. I can't remember now. Dad I met someone who's brother did scouts with you back in the day in Oakland. haha.

Funny story. Well doing so service, we were picking up trash along the road, we found a phone number. Sister Dean insisted that we text the number, it was a Washington number, so we did. Said we found this number on the side of the road and asked if they wanted to meet with LDS missionaries. Well the person texted back and wrote "stop." I think they thought we were an automated service. haha! It was worth a shot right?! LOL!

Lastly, we met one of the former General Relief Society President, Sister Barbara Winder. Her husband was the first Temple President in Nauvoo Temple. Super nice people! They live in our neighborhood. Their daughter wrote "Daughters in My Kingdom" book too!

Take it easy and continue to do what is right. Love you all!

Sister Olszowka

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