Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Week 32


It's been a great week! We did some service for our landlady, Sister Jensen, she's 83. She has 1/2 an acre in the backyard with some fruit bearing trees. Someone came to prune them, but I guess the service didn't include branch removal! We had fun helping her. She was also in the hospital this past week so we held down the fort at home.

We also did some service for the Young Women's in the 3rd ward. They're having their New Beginnings this week and the theme is "The adventure awaits" so Sister Swain and I painted the little playhouse, pictured below. Isn't it cute?! I think so :)

The Lord has blessed us with two new investigators. They are pretty great people and are searching for the truth. We have appointments set up with them this week to teach them more. I know that when we are diligent and have faith, the Lord will provide miracles. We'll continue to make more contacts this week.

We also went on exchanges on Friday. I went to West Jordan and was companions with Sister Lopez. She's from Texas and is a great missionary, see photo below. We got to ride bikes! I have a bike, but haven't used it much during proselyting. But Sister Lopez and her companion bike in their area, it's pretty flat. So I got to use Sister McLean's bike and we definitely got to places a lot faster than walking. However, I didn't dress warm enough so I was pretty cold when the evening rolled around.
Hmm what else? We taught the 8th Relief Society lesson. It was based on Elder Hales' conference talk. He spoke about how we should take what we hear, learn and feel from General Conference and apply it into our lives.

That's it for now. Love you lots!

Sister Olszowka

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